Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Just a little post to let you know I have started a fresh  and have moved to

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

How to pick up stitches on a cast-off edge

You will use this technique when you knit a neck bank or a button band etc.

1. Right side facing you, hold you piece of beautiful knitting in your left hand. Insert the point of the needle through the first loop of the cast off stitch, wrap the yarn around the needle and pull the yarn through (just like a knit stitch)

2. Pick up the required number of stitches (usually one stitch for each cast on stitch, Now turn the knitting and continue in pattern.

I hope this helps and you find it useful.


Crochet Baby Jacket


As promised the reveal of the little jacket I have made.  Details of this came from a blog which is by a lady named Kelly.  pattern details  bellabambinaknits which is a lovely blog with lots of patterns.

I kept to the pattern, the only differences are I used an Aran yarn and embroidered a pig from a children's programme on the bottom.  My little bambino is 7 months and it is slightly too large, which is good as it will be just right when the colder months approach.

Saying that we did go to the shop this morning and it is a bit windy and rainy so I put it on him and it looked great.

As requested by  Sandi I will put up some instructions for picking up knitted stitches!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Clare x