Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Granny Chic Giveaway

I am most excited to be hosting this giveaway.  It must make me happy to make other people happy and smile - so here goes:

To enter:

Just leave a comment with your most favourite quote and your blog name,  become a follower if not already, even spread the word and let other people know about it.  If you have more than one fave quote, just enter again.

Then in a few weeks time a winner will be chosen and they will receive what I think is going to be a truly lovely package:

1. Lets start with something nice and smelly for the bath.
2. Something to do with crochet
3. Something Yummy for the Tummy
4. Something handmade by me.
5. A little surprise

Well, I hope that is enough to make you want to enter and I look forward to reading your quotes.

I will add a little sneak peak picture later.

Clare x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lazy Saturday in PJ's

Morning All,

The little man and I are in our PJ's still and I think we will still be that way for most of the day!  Nice really.

Little man kept me awake most of the night with a barking cough - like a dog.  Poor little thing has croup.  His chest is rattling as well, but he is still well enough to make a mess and play with soldiers.

Hope you and yours are well and  have a great weekend



Friday, 24 September 2010

Hello my lovely peeps,

It seems such an age since I really managed to sit down and take the time to write about something interesting. 

First things first:  Health wise, I am very fed up to say the least with the constant trips to the hospital, doctors and midwife and nobody seems to know what is wrong!  Ah ha, today I visited Mr Doc and he was looking up some of my results and said to me "Have you started feeling better now, Scarlet Fever can be a bit nasty"

Well, I never why couldn't somebody have told me that was what was wrong.  They only told me I was severely anemic??????????  It goes a long way to explaining why I didn't feel so good!

The other thing is that last Friday I was told I have Group B Step, which means I will have to have antibiotics before and during labour so not to pass it to the baby.  It can be very dangerous if the baby gets it.  I won't go in to full details as I got a bit upset about this  last week.  If you want to know more about it, you can visit here Group B Step Complications

On to better things - CROCHET!!!!!

I have not managed to do much on my granny stripe blanket but I have made a couple of scarves and a Southern Comfort Shawl inspired by Cornpoppygirl. 

The better half has finished the first stage of decorating upstairs and we are returning to some sort of normality.  The only thing is he doesn't realise we have stages two and three also.

I have lots of little WIP's going on and whenever possible I am trying to make a few things for my Etsy shop.  I have completed a couple of pillowcases and just need to photograph these.  I have also made one for myself which I am loving snuggling up to on the couch.

Ah yes, before I forget I am also working on a little giveaway which I hope will be ready to show you next week.

The weather is not great here today so photos and very dark.  We do have a great little studio in our attic with a area set up for photography with lights and photoboxes and everything else you would need.  Unfortunately we have a pull out ladder for access, and I am far to big and unsteady on my feet to get up there so I am afraid dark shots it is. 
Have a great weekend everyone and hope you find some crafty time too.

Clare x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Set up a little store on Etsy today - only listed one item but soon more to be added.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I will do a post later this week with an update for you.

Lots of love
Clare x

Vintage Eclectic style Ylang Ylang & Patchouli Scented Crystal Bags
embroidered on one side - listed in my etsy shop.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Back in blog land for a short while

My back is aching and my head is tired. I have decided I must be an elephant they have very long pregnancies as do I!

It is very nice to be back in blog land if only for a short while today.

I am still awaiting results of several blood tests – I never knew these could take so long. But I do have one result which explains my lack of energy and general feeling of crappiness. I am extremely anaemic. Which is quite a worry for a vegetarian, who is extremely careful about what she eats! The obvious answer is to go get a steak, but no they have put me on lots of tablets and I am sitting here eating my way through a bag on spinach. The Docs do not believe this is due to my diet, but probably due to something else. I did ask what else could possibly be wrong now, only to be told it’s in the bloods. So until Wednesday I will not know! I have a sneaky suspicion that they will not find anything in what they have tested for.

Anyhow, I have tried to do a wee bit of crochet. A very dear friend of mine has just turned 50 and he supports Stoke City FC. He has requested for his pressie a blanket in red and white stripes. I have started a zigzag granny blanket but not got very far yet. The way I’m feeling he may get it for his 51st Birthday.

We have moved our little man in to his new bedroom, which looks fabulous. My Mum bought him a plastic playhouse for the garden last week. As the weather has turned and his bedroom is large enough, it is now upstairs. Which is better than it’s first positioning at 7.30am Friday morning which was in my lounge!

I have put a few hours in today on the work front, just inputting orders and Invoices. Just trying to keep up to date. Now I am a little tired and will soon be off for a little snooze before my little man comes home from his Nan Nan’s. I don’t know where I would be without her at the moment, so thank you Mum.

I must also say a very big thank you to everyone who has sent wishes and for the lovely comments.

I am hoping soon to catch up with all your blogs properly, I do manage the sneakiest of peaks every now and then and I do enjoy reading them all!

I will try a post a few pics later this week.

Love to you all

Clare x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Update and Hello

Hello everyone.

Firstly thank you for all your kind thoughts and lovely comments.

I thought I better pop in today to let you know what is happening in my neck of the woods.

As you know I was discharged from Hospital on Thursday am of last week. I still felt very unwell but didn’t really know what was wrong.

So I took myself off to bed early with a bit of a hot head and very flushed face. I had only been in bed about an hour when I came back downstairs and said to D. I need to go back to Hospital. He took one look at me and I could see from the expression on his face it was not good. I was bright red. Actually looked like I had fallen asleep under a sun bed for a good day or so. My face, neck, chest, arms and most worryingly my baby bump was scarlet! I felt very hot but temp only read 36 deg???????

As we had our little man in bed asleep and he has had such a disturbed time of it recently. I asked my Sister in Law to drop me back to the labour ward which she did. Well at 2.30am they decided I had a clinical infection – whatever that means and discharged me with antibiotics. So D. and little man had to come out at that ridiculous time in the morning and pick me up. Poor little man was so tired and worried about his mummy. Anyhow a few days later I am still very poorly antibiotics are not doing anything and I just feel really ill. I saw a different consultant on Monday morning who immediately sent me for a whole lot of blood tests and told me to stop taking the antibiotics as they are not doing anything. As of today I am waiting for the results to see if I have Scarlet Fever or Slapped Face otherwise known as Parvovirus.

So if I get the results today I will pop back later and let you know.

I haven’t even managed to do any crochet so am afraid nothing to show you!

I have had a sneak look at your blogs, but not left any comments yet. When I feel better I will be back for a longer linger, but things look stunning and OMG how quick you are all working.

Take Care

Clare x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Taking a little break

Just a little hello and update.  I am being forced to take a little break.  I was admitted to Hospital yesterday with what looked like signs of early labour.  I have about 8/9 weeks till full term.  I could be in the early stages, but it also looks like I have a touch of pre-eclamsia.  They monitored us lastnight and the baby's heart rate dropped and mine was raised at 2.30 this morning I was told they would give me another 1/2 hour and if it didn't improve then off to Theatre.  Luckly it did improve and I have been allowed home today but am back and forth of the next few days for monitoring. 

I will let Fiona at Patchwork delights know if anything on the baby front moves and I will ask her to do a little post on her blog. 

So I will be feet up and taking it easy and not blogging for a few days due to the cracking headache.

I can't wait to read all of your updates and will hopefully check in next week. 

Till then keep up the good work girls.

Lots of love