Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Quick Farewell for a little while

Just bobbing in today to say a quick goodbye as Friday is the day my baby joins it's new family. 

We don't know what we are having so looking forward to a nice surprise. 

Little man is still poorly with a second cold now.  Think his immune system is down from having chicken pox.  My chest infection seems to almost be gone. 

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and I will post as soon as I can with details of the birth!.  If you can't wait till I'm back pop across to http://patchworkdelights.blogspot.com where I am sure the lovely Fiona will put a little post up to let you know.

I will look forward to catching up with all your blogs as soon as I feel human again.

Love Clare


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Quick Hello

Just popping in to say a big thank you for all your recent comments. I have been looking forward to this week, at last a week free of appointments before the week of delivery and mayhem!

However, we are a poorly household. The head cold has moved to a hacking cough and chest infections. All three of us have been quiet poorly. I still feel very rough and have been like this for over a week now. There still seems like so much needs to be done, but hey I suppose it can wait and will have to. Then to top the lot my little man said to me yesterday that he was hot and itchy, this morning he appeared with a few spots on his face and body trip to the docs and chicken pox confirmed.  Could do without that!

I feel I can let you in to a little secret I have hated this pregnancy. There seems to have been so many things going wrong and I have just felt so ill for such a long time now. I will really be pleased once it is all over. I do feel guilty for saying this. I guess I just don’t do pregnancy well! The guilt comes hard to me as I know that there are many out there who cannot have babies or struggle to. This included me once. I had three consecutive miscarriages before my little man came along. So please do not get me wrong I do consider myself to be very lucky. Now enough of feeling sorry for myself how about a little peak of what I have been up to.


Friday, 15 October 2010

Catchup and Granny Stripe Blanket ta-dah!

Today i am busying myself with a bit of paperwork and a bit of sorting and clearing, and if I have the energy maybe a bit of cleaning, but to be honest I doubt it. I may just do a bit of crochet and sit continually blowing my nose and trying to get little man to blow his nose.

At 2 ½ years old he seems to think that wiping his nose on his sleeve is ok! Well with me it is not. I guess if I keep nagging him I may get somewhere or maybe not. What’s that I hear all those experienced Mum’s out there sniggering.

Now on to the Ta-dah!

My Granny Stripe blanket is complete and now sits proudly on my bed. I decided to finish the top with some large granny squares with flowers in the centre. Now this pattern came from the internet and I am afraid I can no longer remember who wrote it or where I found it. I will keep looking as I do remember reading that if this is used please put a link to their pattern and do not reproduce it yourself! So I will keep looking. I think it finishes it of nicely and gives it that something extra. What do you think?

I was very unsure about the colours in this blanket, the wool was given to me last April as a birthday pressie from my Mum. Talking of wool. I have made a little internet purchase well a massive bag of wool arrived this week. Very excited just waiting to turn it into something special. There is an awful lot of it, so another blanket I think. There are lots of colour a good mix of lilacs, blues, greens, pinks and a couple of reds. Depending on the sex of the baby will depend of what colours I start off with. Talking of sex – no I mean boy or girl, I was asked if I knew what I was having and that got me thinking as I don’t, I thought it might be nice to run a little blog guessing game.

Yes guess the sex and the weight. There will be some clue’s in a previous post as to the sort of size expected so you may need to have a little read back. The due date is 29th October by c-section. So let me have your guesses and when I am back and running with a routine and sensible head the nearest to it will get a little something in the post – yes sort of like a giveaway. I will do a proper post on this probably next week. Which I will imagine will be my last post before the day. I am getting a little nervous and a bit of excitement may be creeping in now!

Well after all that talking I have worn myself out, so I think coffee, sandwich and feet up for a bit of hooky time.

Much love and again thank you for stopping by.

Clare x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Blog Giveaway - The winner is...................................

Hello everyone

Thank you for popping by and a big thank you to everyone for their quotes and comments. I really enjoyed reading through them.

I hope you all had a good weekend. We did, the weather was good and the gardening got done – not by me I may add. I did a bit of supervision though! I awoke on Monday with a horrible head cold, little man has had his for about a week or so!. I need to shift mine pretty quick as next week is my last week at home before the baby comes!

Anyhow back to the business of the giveaway. My little man helped me to cut the names out and we folded them up and put them in a bowl. He was very good and chose only one! Unfortunately we have no photos of this as he was a bit too quick!

The winner is Jacey and her quote is Hard work won't kill you....but why take the risk!!

Jacey's blog is http://coffeencrochet.blogspot.com/

Jacey can you email me your address then I can post your goodies off to you.

Well off to the midwife for a check up now. Will post pics later this week of my finished Granny stripe blanket which has taken forever, but I think it looks great, just pleased I have finished it before delivery day!

Have a good week everyone

Clare x

PS:  is anyone have problems with blogger.  It keeps chucking me off the internet and is going really slow, also I can't seem to access my followers? 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Giveaway final pic to tempt you.

Handmade granny chic pincushion

This is the final pic I will show you of the giveaway which the little man and will be bringing to a close over the weekend.  The winner will be announced next week!

To enter just leave me a comment with your fav. quote and your blog details.


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Thursday to Sunday - rest relaxation, baking and baby news of sorts

1.  Little man and I did some baking.
2.  I run a nice relaxing bath, with candles and a bath bomb fizzer
3.  Bed made with pillowcases made by me, embroidered and crochet edging to match
4.  New P'Js - which don't fit the bump that well, but will be great soon
5.  Bedtime reading Blankets and Throws to knit by Debbie Abrahams
6. & 7.  Thought I would show you my 1st attempt at pottery it's a honey pot beehive   I have other items which I will show you next week.
8.  My Christmas Dress - well hoping I will manage to get in it!
9.  Little Hooky time before sleep.

Thursday was a day for relaxing, well it was supposed to be.  These relaxing days don't really happen, so I made sure I had a me time evening and it was lovely.

Followed by Friday not much happened, Saturday was busy, then on Sunday we had to take our little man to the Hospital, it turned out after a lot of panicking he has had an allergic reaction to what we don't know but affected breathing and massive red and white blotchy rash all over his body and face.  Poor little thing.  On top of that he has tonsillitis - again!!!!!! 

Monday saw my visit to the consultant and scan.  At 35/36 weeks baby is already weighing in at approx 8lbs so estimated birth weight is over 10llb.  Little man was 10lb 3oz so with that in mind and group B strep, they have agreed to a c-section on 29th October!  Its a little weird knowing when my baby will be born, but big surprise will be whether its a boy or a girl.

Clare x

Friday, 1 October 2010

Granny Chic Giveaway 1st pic

Here is the first piccy to give you a little preview of what is on offer.

Remember, just leave a comment with your fav quote, you blog details and become a follower.

Clare x

A handsoap, A handmade bracelet, vintage buttons, a crochet love heart and there will be more....... just watch this space.

Clara's Giveaway

Have a little look here and join in the fun.