Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Thursday to Sunday - rest relaxation, baking and baby news of sorts

1.  Little man and I did some baking.
2.  I run a nice relaxing bath, with candles and a bath bomb fizzer
3.  Bed made with pillowcases made by me, embroidered and crochet edging to match
4.  New P'Js - which don't fit the bump that well, but will be great soon
5.  Bedtime reading Blankets and Throws to knit by Debbie Abrahams
6. & 7.  Thought I would show you my 1st attempt at pottery it's a honey pot beehive   I have other items which I will show you next week.
8.  My Christmas Dress - well hoping I will manage to get in it!
9.  Little Hooky time before sleep.

Thursday was a day for relaxing, well it was supposed to be.  These relaxing days don't really happen, so I made sure I had a me time evening and it was lovely.

Followed by Friday not much happened, Saturday was busy, then on Sunday we had to take our little man to the Hospital, it turned out after a lot of panicking he has had an allergic reaction to what we don't know but affected breathing and massive red and white blotchy rash all over his body and face.  Poor little thing.  On top of that he has tonsillitis - again!!!!!! 

Monday saw my visit to the consultant and scan.  At 35/36 weeks baby is already weighing in at approx 8lbs so estimated birth weight is over 10llb.  Little man was 10lb 3oz so with that in mind and group B strep, they have agreed to a c-section on 29th October!  Its a little weird knowing when my baby will be born, but big surprise will be whether its a boy or a girl.

Clare x


  1. Not long to go now then for you and little bump. Both of my babies were biggies too (both were almost 10lb) so I can understand how you are feeling in that respect. Hope you little man gets well too xx :)

  2. Oh Clare, you've had such a trying time but it's all coming closer now....hope little man recovers shortly. Take care. I'm getting soooooo excited for you.

  3. Your poor little man, two horrid things to contend with. Your Thursday sounds and looks wonderful, I do like your honeypot.
    Hugs Sandi x