Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Blog Giveaway - The winner is...................................

Hello everyone

Thank you for popping by and a big thank you to everyone for their quotes and comments. I really enjoyed reading through them.

I hope you all had a good weekend. We did, the weather was good and the gardening got done – not by me I may add. I did a bit of supervision though! I awoke on Monday with a horrible head cold, little man has had his for about a week or so!. I need to shift mine pretty quick as next week is my last week at home before the baby comes!

Anyhow back to the business of the giveaway. My little man helped me to cut the names out and we folded them up and put them in a bowl. He was very good and chose only one! Unfortunately we have no photos of this as he was a bit too quick!

The winner is Jacey and her quote is Hard work won't kill you....but why take the risk!!

Jacey's blog is

Jacey can you email me your address then I can post your goodies off to you.

Well off to the midwife for a check up now. Will post pics later this week of my finished Granny stripe blanket which has taken forever, but I think it looks great, just pleased I have finished it before delivery day!

Have a good week everyone

Clare x

PS:  is anyone have problems with blogger.  It keeps chucking me off the internet and is going really slow, also I can't seem to access my followers? 


  1. Blogger's been hiccupping lately. :o( Hope your checkup went well!

  2. Thank your little man for me for picking my name out, how exciting!!
    I am having loads of problems with blogger, so slow loading photos and then loses them once I've loaded them, very annoying.
    Thanks again.x

  3. Congrats Jacey such a lovely package to come your way.
    Hope you get over that cold quickly so you are fit and well for the new baby.
    Hugs Sandi x

  4. Thanks Girls,

    Cold not good today, got a lovely cough that the baby does not appreciate! LOL. Nevermind.

    Clare x

  5. Congrats to Jacey.

    Nope cannot say I've had probs with blogger.

    Hope all ok?

    X fi