Friday, 15 October 2010

Catchup and Granny Stripe Blanket ta-dah!

Today i am busying myself with a bit of paperwork and a bit of sorting and clearing, and if I have the energy maybe a bit of cleaning, but to be honest I doubt it. I may just do a bit of crochet and sit continually blowing my nose and trying to get little man to blow his nose.

At 2 ½ years old he seems to think that wiping his nose on his sleeve is ok! Well with me it is not. I guess if I keep nagging him I may get somewhere or maybe not. What’s that I hear all those experienced Mum’s out there sniggering.

Now on to the Ta-dah!

My Granny Stripe blanket is complete and now sits proudly on my bed. I decided to finish the top with some large granny squares with flowers in the centre. Now this pattern came from the internet and I am afraid I can no longer remember who wrote it or where I found it. I will keep looking as I do remember reading that if this is used please put a link to their pattern and do not reproduce it yourself! So I will keep looking. I think it finishes it of nicely and gives it that something extra. What do you think?

I was very unsure about the colours in this blanket, the wool was given to me last April as a birthday pressie from my Mum. Talking of wool. I have made a little internet purchase well a massive bag of wool arrived this week. Very excited just waiting to turn it into something special. There is an awful lot of it, so another blanket I think. There are lots of colour a good mix of lilacs, blues, greens, pinks and a couple of reds. Depending on the sex of the baby will depend of what colours I start off with. Talking of sex – no I mean boy or girl, I was asked if I knew what I was having and that got me thinking as I don’t, I thought it might be nice to run a little blog guessing game.

Yes guess the sex and the weight. There will be some clue’s in a previous post as to the sort of size expected so you may need to have a little read back. The due date is 29th October by c-section. So let me have your guesses and when I am back and running with a routine and sensible head the nearest to it will get a little something in the post – yes sort of like a giveaway. I will do a proper post on this probably next week. Which I will imagine will be my last post before the day. I am getting a little nervous and a bit of excitement may be creeping in now!

Well after all that talking I have worn myself out, so I think coffee, sandwich and feet up for a bit of hooky time.

Much love and again thank you for stopping by.

Clare x


  1. Wow Clare what a beautiful blanket! Well done.

    Guessing? Girl is my guess!


  2. OOh I love doing guess the baby weights! I am going to say that it will be a boy and the weight will be 10 lbs 6 oz. And I think lots of hair for some reason too! xx

  3. Oh! I really do like how you finished off the blanket with the granny squares with flower centers. I think it puts a very nice finishing touch to it! Very pretty. Wish I had the patience to do a big blanket like that.
    You are having your baby 2 days after my first grand daughter's first birthday, cool!

  4. That blanket is beautiful and the granny squares at the top edge look lovely, just sets it off.
    Baby, hummm, a boy 10lb 9oz.
    Snot on sleeves, yep good luck with that.
    Take care, Sandi xx

  5. No guesses from me as I will be in the hospital having surgery - no babies here though. I do wish you the best of luck and a healthy baby =)

    I would like to say how absolutely lovely your blanket is! This is a wonderful idea to add the granny squares to the top. I would like to make one like this for Spring!

  6. Hi Clare,
    Just saw you message on Lucys comments.
    As a beautican, my advice for a C section, from clients, is to get the top, where you get cut, waxed. Make sure they do enough. I have heard the shaved regrowth, plus scar healing is not nice.
    My boy will be 3 on the 27 of October.

  7. Audra,

    Thank you for that. I will take your advice.

    Clare x

  8. Hi Clare - my guess for the baby's weight is 9 lbs. 14 oz. - I'm also guessing a boy.

    I love the way you finished the top of the granny stripe - looks great. :)