Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Quick Hello

Just popping in to say a big thank you for all your recent comments. I have been looking forward to this week, at last a week free of appointments before the week of delivery and mayhem!

However, we are a poorly household. The head cold has moved to a hacking cough and chest infections. All three of us have been quiet poorly. I still feel very rough and have been like this for over a week now. There still seems like so much needs to be done, but hey I suppose it can wait and will have to. Then to top the lot my little man said to me yesterday that he was hot and itchy, this morning he appeared with a few spots on his face and body trip to the docs and chicken pox confirmed.  Could do without that!

I feel I can let you in to a little secret I have hated this pregnancy. There seems to have been so many things going wrong and I have just felt so ill for such a long time now. I will really be pleased once it is all over. I do feel guilty for saying this. I guess I just don’t do pregnancy well! The guilt comes hard to me as I know that there are many out there who cannot have babies or struggle to. This included me once. I had three consecutive miscarriages before my little man came along. So please do not get me wrong I do consider myself to be very lucky. Now enough of feeling sorry for myself how about a little peak of what I have been up to.



  1. Your blanket is looking lovely!! I didn't much like my first pregnancy - I suffered morning sickness for about 7 months and spent most of the day, every day curled up over the loo! I still suffered badly with the sickness on my second pregnancy but thankfully not for another seven months- - the finish line is almost there for you though! xx

  2. Don't feel bad. I didn't enjoy being pregnant, either. And it always bugged me because people always go on about how "wonderful" and "amazing" it feels to have a life inside you blah, blah, and I didn't often feel that way. I love being a mother and my children are everything to me, so it is of course worth it in the end and I'm sure you feel that way, too. Enjoy what you can of these weeks and good luck on the day.
    Caz :)
    PS Your grannies have great colours!

  3. Hey Clare, listen don't beat yourself up, we know you don't mean anything by it but you have been through the mill so I don't blame you feeling the way you do. You are nearly there, keep your chin up!!! lots of love Fi

  4. Clare, your time is coming soon. I hope you will be okay with the little man having chicken pox and you so tired out. Hang in there Clare. xxxxooooo

  5. Wow, it certainly hasn't been fun for you of late. I was one of the girls that was told I would never have children, however I defied all odds and had 3. I loved being pregnant BUT hated the all day sickness that dragged on for what seemed like forever but was only for about 6-7 weeks, so can understand how you feel in a condensed way.
    Hope you are all fit and well before the big day. I love your blanket too.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  6. Hi Clare, your blanket is really impressive and I love the flower row. Oh dear the chickenpox is no fun at all but hopefully the infectious stage will be over before new baby arrives. Take special care xox