Thursday, 2 September 2010

Taking a little break

Just a little hello and update.  I am being forced to take a little break.  I was admitted to Hospital yesterday with what looked like signs of early labour.  I have about 8/9 weeks till full term.  I could be in the early stages, but it also looks like I have a touch of pre-eclamsia.  They monitored us lastnight and the baby's heart rate dropped and mine was raised at 2.30 this morning I was told they would give me another 1/2 hour and if it didn't improve then off to Theatre.  Luckly it did improve and I have been allowed home today but am back and forth of the next few days for monitoring. 

I will let Fiona at Patchwork delights know if anything on the baby front moves and I will ask her to do a little post on her blog. 

So I will be feet up and taking it easy and not blogging for a few days due to the cracking headache.

I can't wait to read all of your updates and will hopefully check in next week. 

Till then keep up the good work girls.

Lots of love



  1. Clare,

    You have a lot of energy but now is the time to take it easy. Promise us.

  2. Sending both you and Baby Bump the very best of wishes xx

  3. Hi Argie, take it easy hun, keep me posted! Hugs and kisses, Fi

  4. All the very best Clare, look forward to hearing your news xox

  5. Hi Clare, I'm thinking of you !! The same thing happened to me with my twins & I had to have them at 33 weeks, everything was fine & they where home within 2 weeks !!! Just rest up & take things easy.