Friday, 24 September 2010

Hello my lovely peeps,

It seems such an age since I really managed to sit down and take the time to write about something interesting. 

First things first:  Health wise, I am very fed up to say the least with the constant trips to the hospital, doctors and midwife and nobody seems to know what is wrong!  Ah ha, today I visited Mr Doc and he was looking up some of my results and said to me "Have you started feeling better now, Scarlet Fever can be a bit nasty"

Well, I never why couldn't somebody have told me that was what was wrong.  They only told me I was severely anemic??????????  It goes a long way to explaining why I didn't feel so good!

The other thing is that last Friday I was told I have Group B Step, which means I will have to have antibiotics before and during labour so not to pass it to the baby.  It can be very dangerous if the baby gets it.  I won't go in to full details as I got a bit upset about this  last week.  If you want to know more about it, you can visit here Group B Step Complications

On to better things - CROCHET!!!!!

I have not managed to do much on my granny stripe blanket but I have made a couple of scarves and a Southern Comfort Shawl inspired by Cornpoppygirl. 

The better half has finished the first stage of decorating upstairs and we are returning to some sort of normality.  The only thing is he doesn't realise we have stages two and three also.

I have lots of little WIP's going on and whenever possible I am trying to make a few things for my Etsy shop.  I have completed a couple of pillowcases and just need to photograph these.  I have also made one for myself which I am loving snuggling up to on the couch.

Ah yes, before I forget I am also working on a little giveaway which I hope will be ready to show you next week.

The weather is not great here today so photos and very dark.  We do have a great little studio in our attic with a area set up for photography with lights and photoboxes and everything else you would need.  Unfortunately we have a pull out ladder for access, and I am far to big and unsteady on my feet to get up there so I am afraid dark shots it is. 
Have a great weekend everyone and hope you find some crafty time too.

Clare x


  1. Do you go to my Dr's surgery by any chance - they sound about as good as the quacks they have down there and believe me I'm beginning to think that real ducks would be able to diagnose quicker sometimes!

    How did you find the comfort shawl pattern? It's a good one isn't it? One of those that are quick to learn and even quicker to work up. Make sure you post a pic of it so we can see it!

    Keep your chin up - will send good thoughts yours and bumps way! xxxxx

  2. Oh Clare, wish I could be there to give you a hug!
    Things are going to work out, just take things day by day and try not to feel too down about things. At least you know what you are dealing with now.

  3. Clara,

    Thanks for your comment, yeah a cuppa and a hug would be good. My Mum said it's a shame none of your blog peeps are local maybe they would take over the ironing, she is doing for me. Lol x

  4. Ruth Marie

    Thank you for your comment, the shawl pattern is lovely I used a James C Brett Yarn but not the same one as yours, but it is beautiful. I will take some pics of it properly this weekend to show you. C x

  5. Hi Clare, glad to see you back! Busy crocheting too. Looking forward to your giveaway. X fi

  6. I do hope you get to feeling better soon, yes anemia is wicked in making you feel tired and run down. Have a wonderful weekend....hugs Birgit

  7. Hello Clare! Lovley to come and visit you at your place!!! Sorry to hear you haven't been so well and sending you many healing thoughts, hope the rest of your pregnancy is going to cruise by healthily.