Thursday, 29 July 2010


There are so many creative ideas buzzing away in my brain to the point where I can't wait to try new things and put little ideas together and make lovely things for my home.  I must stop stop stop and slow slow down or I might burst with excitement.

My mum has also knitted and crocheted, many years ago she had her own wool shop in London and her and another lady, her longest friend both made and designed crochet dresses for the London Palladium.  I love hearing their stories.  They both tell me know that with eyesight going and arthritis coming, they cannot do the intricate patterns and detail anymore.  Which is such a shame so my mum sticks to knitting for her grandchildren or crochet granny squares. 

However, my mum over the years has made some really beautiful doilies - not that I appreciated them until recently and wow, what can I say I have the bug.  I started last night and have made 5 already.  The last one I used two stands of fine cotton at once and dropped it in the leftover coffee this morning and hey presto have a vintage look doily.  I cannot tell you how chuffed I am with this!

Now I need to do something with them - I thought I might embellish some clothing I have a rather lovely denim vintage jacket which would look lovely with one.  My apron maybe?  The possibilities are endless.  My mum has a crochet doily cushion cover she made years ago so I may have to try one of those.  I cant cant cant wait.

All this and moving bedrooms around.  We are moving into the larger room which used to be my partner's dad's room.  He passed away just over a year ago and my little man will be moving into our present room which will in turn free up the littlest room for a nursery once again.  So my better half is going to be very busy over the next few weeks.  There will be painting to be done, curtains to be made - a bed cover to finish and I think a dressing table doily set will be in order.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone.

Clare x


  1. Beautiful work Clare. I especially like the colored ones. They would look lovely on a mini pillow or a tote.

  2. Clara

    Thank you for your comment. I have just put one on a cushion I have made. Will photograph tomorrow and post pic. I have had a sneak at your blog and I like it. Have joined as a follower. C x

  3. Hi Clare,

    Just noticed this today and thought you might really like it too. You can easily subscribe to their newsletter. I look forward to your photo of your finished cushion!

  4. Thanks Clara - it looks good when I get a free five mins I will take a proper look. x