Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cushion & Cover - Ooh la la!

I awoke this morning at 4.00am with the knowledge that I only have a few weeks of sanity left and probably no me time at all, so I got up had a cuppa and picked up my crochet bag of unfinished projects and have made a decision to complete everything within the next few weeks and not to start anything new!  We shall see - full of good intentions though.

The little man and I have been poorly for a couple of days, just a bug which was going around, but it knocked me off my feet, and he just wanted his mummy.  Which was very nice.  Lots of snuggling under blankets on the sofa and watching some pretty awful children's telly.  We are well on the mend now. 

The major problem I have at the moment is my back.  It is very painful and I am really struggling with just everyday tasks.  

I have managed to rest a lot and get on with some crochet and sewing, lots of which needs to be photographed and I plan to do that at some point this week.

I had a lovely comment from Clara at about my doilies and as she suggested, I have put one onto a small cushion, teamed with with a panel of treble crochet and picot edging and a beautiful embroidered rabbit or should I say Le Lapin.  I have gone very french vintage style with this one.

The very top left picture as you can see is my ever growing bump and one of the projects I am trying to get finished which I will show you all soon.  The bottom middle picture is of Maurice the mouse which my mum knitted and I was ordered by little man to put him in a photo. 

Well it has just started to Thunder - so I am going to turn off and cuddle my little man.

Clare x


  1. Hi Clare, wow I love the pillows they are gorgeous, how much are they?

    Bump looking good!!!

    X fi

  2. Hello Fi Fi,

    I was thinking of the cushion and insert for about £20.00. If you would like one I will make one for you for a swap for a coffee warmer? x

  3. Oh my gosh, Clare, they are so nice. I do have to let you know that at first glance though, I thought your bump was another cushion! Ha! Ha! Glad everyone is on the mend.

  4. I wish my bump was as comfy as a cushion!

  5. Hey Clare, DEAL!

    Tell me what sort of cafetiere you have (even better send me photo?) I need to know the height, location of handles etc. So email me when you have a mo!