Friday, 6 August 2010

Picnic blanket and jewellery

A few pictures of some handmade necklaces.  Still lots more to do just enjoy playing with buttons and beads.

The other is a picnic blanket using up lots of left over balls of wool. 

Received a present in the post this week, ordered by my lovely man - a wool winder.  I started winding yesterday and boy oh boy - have I got a serious stash problem.  By winding it reduces the visible volume - Good job really - he will never know about my little addiction.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Clare x


  1. Love the blanket Clare and the necklaces! x

  2. All handmade necklaces are really beautiful.I like all very much specially that first one.You have done a nice job.

  3. Hi Clare
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, it's such fun meeting newpeople and then discovering their blogs xox

    I love your picnic blanket, the left over wool blankets always turn out the best! I love beads too ad make my own beaded bits and bobs. I just love being creative and feel dull when I am not. The crochet / knitting addiction is pretty high up on the scale at the moment! Stay in touch xox

  4. These all hand made necklace which you can share over here is really very great. I like all very much specially that first one.

  5. It is a nice picnic blanket and jewellery. Its looks so nice and attractive. I always go for picnic with my family. It provides great fun.