Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Little Blue Knitted Jumper

I can't tell you how proud I was when I finished this little blue knitted jumper.  It did take me an age to get round to sewing it up.  But Ta-Da - Job Done !!!!

Then I can't tell you how gutted I was when it didn't fit - yes that's right a 9-12 months pattern doesn't fit my 7 month old baby with a giant head!  The neck won't fit over his head. "What is wrong with my baby's head?" - panic - measuring tape out - PHEW nothing wrong with his perfectly normal size head.

STUPID STUPID Pattern.  Now this was a free pattern from a reputable company who I have contact and informed them of my motherly panic. 

Now as I am newish to knitting this was the first time I had picked up stitches.  I used a circular needle and found this really quiet awkward - but managed it and to good effect.  I have since discovered after flicking through an old issue of knit toady that I did this totally wrong.  However, this was not why the jumper didn't fit.  All is now clear and I am looking forward to trying my newly learnt skill. 

Now what to do with the silly little neck on said jumper.  Well, scissors and needle in hand.  I witnessed all animals and adults retreat to the shed for some pottering.  I snipped and sewed and made a button hole.  Selected a contrasting button and here we have one cute little jumper that now fastens at the back of the neck and fits over all giant baby heads.

I am most pleased to say it fits and he looks snugly and adorable- one happy Mum.

Have a great day and I will be back soon to post about the crochet cardigan.

Clare x

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  1. I am rubbish at picking up stitches too, are you able to share the secret??? The jumper is adorable, well done, I think you are brave snipping and sewing...eek.
    x Sandi