Monday, 6 June 2011

What a long time it has been.  I can hardly believe it.  Firstly, thank you to all that still pop by.  I have been keeping up with your blogs, just about.  Life has been very hectic.  Hospital visits with our lovely baby boy, well not so much of a baby 7 months now.  He is teething at the moment and not sleeping at all well. 

I am running the business on my own at the moment along with being Mum and housewife.  It is very very busy and a bit of a juggling act but we are getting there.  Mr is helping out a company with a 2 million pound contract for a top company in London.  He is a cabinet maker by trade and ran his own successful business for 13 years.  So they needed a pro and he certainly is that.  So he is back doing what he really loves for the next few months at least.

I have managed some crochet and some knitting which I will blog about over the next few days.  I have started to knit some toys for the boys at the request of my 3 year old who wanted a knitted Fireman Sam, Monster, and an alien.  So this is testing my skills and I am learning loads.

Happy Monday

Clare x

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