Thursday, 10 February 2011

Knitted Rose Pattern

Knitted Rose Pattern

I used 5mm needles and a dk acrylic yarn, but I would imagine you could use whatever yarn and relevant needles you like.

Cast on 20 sts (I used the thumb method)

Row 1 Knit

Row 2 (RS) K1 *yf, k1 rep from * to end.

Row 3 and every following alt row Purl

Row 4 Knit

Row 6 K1, *yf, k1 * to end (this creates a little eyelet in the work – very pretty)

Row 8 K1, *yf, k1* rep to end

Cast off 20 sts at the beginning of the next 6 rows, then cast off remaining stitches. I knitted all 6 rows.

At this point the work looks a little strange, but it soon takes shape. I worked a row of running stitch along the cast on edge of the rose and pulled tight to make the flower.

Voila one knitted rose.

Let me know if you make any, and let me know if the pattern makes sense!

Clare x


  1. Thamk you for sharing this pattern, will have to make one as it is so sweet.
    x Sandi

  2. Hi Clare, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, sorry I haven't been in touch. Your knitting is looking oh so fabulous, I'm loving all your knitted beanies, flowers and tea cozies. Alice is quite the inspiration insn't she! Hopeall is going well with your little ones xox