Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Crochet African Flowers Completed Cushion and General Update

Hello everyone

Well - Yes I have been taking it easy - well sort of I have had a full schedule with midwife, consultant, doctors and physio appointments. All of them saying the same thing - looks like this baby may come early! Not good to hear when you are only 24/25 weeks! Tomorrow (Thursday) I have another full morning at the Hospital for a Glucose Tolerance Test - just in case I may be diabetic - would explain my little man being born at 10lb 3.5oz. They are already predicting another bb! I am asking for a c-section but not looking good at the moment unless placenta stays low then they have no choice. Anyhow, enough about baby stuff.

Back to the important thing of hooky!

I have had little time to do much but am posting some pics for you to have a little look at.
First problem running out of yarn for the hex blankie, and can't source it anywhere the manufactures have discontinued it. So am on the hunt for a colour that matches! So that little project on hold for now.

Not getting on very well with stripe blankie for little Man as it has been way to hot to have on my lap. So I have been doing a few African flowers as they are quick small and can travel with me from appointment to appointment. I saw these on Elizabeth's blog she is very talented - take a look!

Oh yes I did manage to finish my cushion cover which my little man promptly gave to Nanny - but that's fine it is much suited better to her home than mine.

Well time to stop rambling

Love and Hugs

Clare x

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  1. Wow Clare these are gorgeous flowers, I love your colour choices.

    Hey that cushion would look good on Ant's bed to match his crochet quilt/blanket!