Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Feet up - hooky time - Doctors orders!

This is my Tuesday workspace. Under orders to put feet up and relax. Do not push hoover, do not pick up little boy. Do not do anything apart from hooking! Well I made the last bit up.

I spent yesterday afternoon/ evening in Maternity Day Care. I think they thought I had gone in to labour - half way through my pregnancy. I was asked all sorts of questions from have I had contractions to do I think my waters have broken. Long long story - but the outcome is feet up and take it easy! The photos above are a cushion cover in the making. No plans for this, but grabbed some wool on the way to the hospital and this is the outcome. So have decided to finish this today and then get back to the hex blankie. The book of browsing today is 100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield. I have had this for some time now and pick it up every now and then, but think I will make some pretty flowers to add to the cushion cover.

Hope you enjoy your Tuesday as much as I am mine.

Clare x

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  1. Jeez hope all ok, guess wot, Ant has a crochet blanket in EXACTLY these colours, mum made it!!! That's so crazy, I am not joking EXACT same!!! x