Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Week - New beginnings .....................................

Well, as I thought.  I really was pleased to put Mr Sunday to Bed.  However, waking up on Monday didn't seem much better. 

Last week was horrible.  I am truly at that stage of pregnancy that is well, my words are not printable but let's just say I don't like it. 

I have a trapped nerve in my back, added to another back problem and am struggling to move and in constant pain.  I saw my Midwife last week and Consultant and both told me It will now be fine to take co-codomol for pain control as paracetamol does nothing.  Well it turns out I am allergic to co-codomol and was very ill for a few days.  My little boy looked so worried about his Mummy.  I feel massive and my clothes are too tight and riding up too high!  Now I'm just moaning!

Well you would think that was enough for one week - but no.  Little man has tonsillitis again,  this is the fourth time in 6 weeks.  They seem to think this is perfectly normal in an under 5 and his tonsills will stay enlarged now?  I asked if he could be referred to an ENT specialist and was told basically not until he is over three years old and that I am worrying over nothing.  I felt like saying well then you stay up half the night with him, when he is crying and in pain with a temperature!  Hence not a great deal got done last week.  Little man is better this week but not right by a long shot. 

Then to top the lot we ran out of dog food, so a new sack was bought and unloading into the hallway.  I noticed something crawling around the sack - Oh My God it was infested with baby cockroaches - I was not best pleased as you can image.  I got on the phone to the pet shop and made them come out and take it away!  I'm still itching just thinking about it. 

I did manage to make myself a crochet hook roll which I am very proud of.  I have even made one for Mum, but she won't get to see it until her Birthday in October.

I have started on a blanket for my bed.  The original blanket I was making has been turned into a cushion cover - got fed up with it.

On a brighter note my beloved other half has been decorating.  With the arrival of tiny feet due in about 10 weeks we decided to move bedrooms.  Still a bit more work to do but looking good.  We have even retrieve some very old g-plan furniture which belonged to David's parents when they first got married.  It needs a bit of attention but I'm liking the shabby vintage look of it.  All we need to do now is decorate our old bedroom for little man to go into and give the nursery a lick of fresh paint.  I am gradually adding colour as most of our rooms are painted white.

As I was taking pics, new book arrived last week Crochet motifs, one of the chickens was looking through the window at me and Pickles one of our jack russels kept looking at the camera so I had to take one of him.

Hope you all have a good week.

Clare x


  1. OMG Clare, cockroaches hope you got a free replacement! Gross, you've been a busy bee despite your pain. You're nearly there though... any consolation? We are thinking of heading over October so we'll see you then? Your cosy almost ready, just concerned about placing the strap...x

  2. Hang in there Clare. Try to sneak in some cat naps here and there. You are still finding time to crochet.

    Take care!