Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Some progress on my snugly bed blanket!

I'm enjoying doing this as it is always nice to make something so easy and simple and am thinking as it is for my bed I may add some flowers.  What do you think?

I mentioned in my last post I had turned the original blanket into a cushion cover - here it is.

Several of you have also asked if I would give some instructions for my crochet hook roll. 

Of course I will be delighted to write a little tutorial.  I might also add this is the most simple easy peasy thing I have ever made.  With my sewing skills being the most basic I should have some ability to write clear and concise instructions.  However, they will probably not have the correct 'sewing terms'.  I will do my best and will hopefully post this next week.

Take care my lovelies

Clare x


  1. Well done as usual, Clare. Looking forward to your tutorial.

  2. Good woman Clare! Can you explain how you do your photos please? X Fi

  3. Thanks for the comments girls. I do my pics in photbucket. I upload them, then edit and you can do all sorts of things with them. I haven't mastered it all yet. Still practicing. But it is so much easier to them load them to my blog. However, you have to remember if you delete them from photobucket they will dissapear from the blog too. Clare x